Grateful for Nephews

I got to spend some time with my nephews yesterday! This is a big deal because I rarely see them (they live 4 hours away). I never knew about the love that comes along with being an aunt. They are my heart! I am grateful to have these two cuties in my life for sure!



Grateful for Food

imageI know, this is strange– you’re probably thinking, “Why in the world would you post a picture of the inside of your fridge? Messy fridge at that!” Well, fact of the matter is, I am grateful for the food we have. Grateful that I have the funds to help provide for myself and my hunny.

So many people in the world struggle to make ends meet. Children go days without food, or a nice warm meal. Some children don’t know when the next meal they will get is. Some people my age struggle to even feed themselves. I am grateful knowing that is something I do not have to worry about in my life. With so many other worries a person encounters- this is not one I have to worry about.

Grateful moments

I am grateful for my boyfriend, Casey. He has the biggest heart and is a truely genuine person. I can be mad, sad, annoyed, you name it and he always using his sarcastic sense of humor to make me giggle and lighten the mood.

So today I posted a picture of him rubbing my feet. Why you may ask? Because this NEVER happens… I had to document it 😉 he may not be the most affectionate person, but he is mine and I love him.



It’s funny what a new year does to people, including myself. We get all hyped up on resolutions, new projects, new outlooks, etc. The fact of the matter is though, how long do these changes really last? How long do you really plan on not drinking that soda, or no candy all year? Or better yet, how often do you think you will really use that new gym membership you got on January 1st?

I saw a friend’s resolution on facebook that said, “My resolution is to not have a resolution, but instead… work on being a better me”. Why not make a promise to yourself to just try and be a better person. To reflect on yourself and your day to day life. It’s not hard to aim to be the best person you can be. It’s not hard to be loving, kind, or thoughtful. You know what is (or can be) hard though… being grateful. Being grateful can be challenging because you have to actually put thought into it. If someone asked you every single day what you were grateful for, could you give them a different answer each day? Do you ever give someone a hard time for not being the person you hope they could be instead of reflecting on the things they do do for you?

My goal this year is to reflect on things I am grateful for. Every single day. There is a new project (there’s that word again) going on called 365Grateful, where you take a picture of something you are grateful for and explain it, every day. Do I honestly think I will take a picture,  post it,  and write about it every day for the next 365 days?? Heck no! Will I attempt to?  Sure. I do, however, honestly plan to find something different every day that I am grateful for and reflect on it. If it makes it into my blog, maybe even with a picture included, then great! If not, oh well… I was too busy to post it, but trust me… it’s still being done every single day. As it should.

So… what are YOU grateful for? 😉