Welcome To My Pre-K Classroom!

Before pictures! This was the first day I came into my room. I was mortified. I got way too overwhelmed. Needless to say, I didn’t stay long.






After spending hours upon hours:



View from walking in


Dramatic Play area


To the right of my door, my small group and desk area


Standing on a counter trying to get the whole room- it didnt work. I still need to figure out what to put on yellow paper.


Student art work will go on those cabinets


Back wall



Block center- I will put pictures of what they building on green paper


Art Center


Front of classroom


View from back of room


Word wall, desk area


Reading and Writing Center




Hope you like it! 🙂


I’ve got a big girl job now!

That’s right, I got a job! I am so excited. I originally got hired as a kindergarten teacher but was switched to Pre-k! This is going to be a huge change in life. I got that degree, I landed a job and now the fun begins…

That’s right… Getting ready for the first day of school. Stressful stuff going on here! But it’s fun, exciting and new. I love it. I will be posting before and after pictures as soon as I get my room complete (or close to it). I am sure I will be changing things and adding stuff up until the first day.

I can’t wait to meet my kiddos.

I started this year off rough, but it just keeps getting better and better!

Get ready for some exciting new posts soon by yours truly. 🙂

Sweet Texas Caviar

This recipe is a hit at all parties! It is so delicious! Serve with tortilla chips (I use Scoops!)

Very easy to make, let sit overnight and voila!


Texas Caviar

In large bowl combine following ingredients:

1- 15 oz Pinto Beans

1- 15 oz Black Beans

1- 15 oz Shoe peg Corn (I use 2 cups frozen)

1-15 oz Black-eyed Peas

Drain and rinse ingredients above in a colander


1 green bell pepper diced finely

1 medium onion diced finely

2 small cans green chilies chopped- do not drain

4 oz Pimento chopped- do not drain

2 handfuls parsley (chopped)

8 oz block Feta cheese cut into small pieces (could probably use crumbled)


In small bowl, combine:

1/2 cup olive oil

3/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1/3 cup sugar

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

Warm in microwave to dissolve sugar.

Pour over rest and refrigerate overnight.



Oh, I gained 1 1/2 lbs? Well let me go stuff my face some more!

Yeah, that’s right. I GAINED 1.5 lbs… Oh geez!  I didn’t think it would affect me so much, boy was I wrong. It’s easy to stay on track when you’re losing, but for some reason the moment you gain an ounce, lb, or lbS.. all hell breaks loose.

From the moment I gained 1/2 a pound, my mouth has constantly been consuming food. Bad food. Bad bad bad food. Then next thing you know I gained a full pound, then another 1/2 lb. oh geez what has happened to me?! This is crazy! I have got to fix this! This can’t be happening! Ugh what am I saying, of course this is happening! Stupid stupid Lauren. I was doing oh so good. I had lost like 6 or 7 lbs. I even got to sign the “I lost 5 pounds” chart at the weight loss center. Am I going to have to take my name off now? What am I going to do?!

LOSE IT! That’s what I’m going to do dangit! Oi…..

I need this weight loss. My health needs it, my body needs it, my clothes need it, my mind needs it, and my emotions need it. This.has.got.to.happen.

Round two I guess… Wish me luck (again)!!


Hey readers! So sorry I’ve been slacking on this blog thing. I’ve been busy, tired, and not motivated to write at all!

I’m on week 3 (I believe) of my weight loss journey and while I’ve only lost 4.5 lbs, I feel I’ve lost inches. Especially in my clothes. It’s not hard, I’m just not losing fast. I need to get out and exercise. I know I would lose so much quicker if I would just get out and move!

I graduated college on May 19th from the University of Houston – Clear Lake with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in grades EC-6. (yeah, it’s a mouthful). So exciting! I’ve been subbing at my desired district and recently submitted my application for a full-time teaching position. I’ll keep you guys updated. I also applied at 3 other districts. (cross those fingers!)

Casey got me an iPad for graduation! I was thrilled as all get out! I couldn’t believe it. He is absolutely amazing! I totally didn’t deserve that one! But I’m forever grateful and completely addicted to the darn thing. Things have been great with us. He is different than any guy I have ever dated. He truly cares about me and my feelings. I know he wants nothing more than for me to be happy in whatever I do in life. He is encouraging, loving, and gives me the reassurance that I need, when I need it. Love him!

I will admit, I was a little apprehensive when Casey and I first started talking just because I didn’t know how long it would take to move on from my past relationship or if I could ever love someone the way I loved Andrew, but in reality I didn’t love Andrew as much as I thought I did. Yes, I loved him and yes he will always have a place in my heart as we spent our lives for so long together but as I sit back and reflect back on things from the outside, I realize it wasn’t ever going to have a happy ending if I continued to be with him. I know now that I CAN love again and in fact, I am completely capable of falling head of heels for someone, more so than I did with Andrew. It’s a weight lifted off my shoulders, I remember crying and telling my mom “I’m going to be alone forever, I will never feel the way I did ever again” and she promised me I would and it was so hard to believe. But I will, I will be happy and have my happy ending and it is possible to love again.

I’m loving my life and the people in it.

New journey!

I’m starting a journey, a long, exciting, sometimes challenging, and beneficial journey in my life. As many of you know, I’ve always struggled with my weight. Always. It’s hard being 26 and overweight. Really hard. I want to wear a bikini at the beach, not get nervous about pool parties, and wear cute shorts and feel comfortable about myself. I think the last time I was comfortable with myself was about 2 years ago and even then I wasn’t bikini material just yet. So, thanks to my mom for finding the awesome groupon deal, I have started a weight loss journey. While most people would keep this quiet, I feel the urge to blog about it. I won’t necessarily tell everyone in my family because when you do that, they constantly watch and comment on what I put in my mouth at family get togethers. But they don’t read my blog so why am I blogging about it? This is my weight loss journal, my support system from nonjudgmental friends. I’m so excited. I hope everyone is excited for me! Cause aint nobody gonna bring me down! Encouragement is all I need!

I go Wednesday for blood work, and start the diet on Friday. Let’s get this show on the road!

It’s not the end. It’s the beginning.. of the rest of my life.

Tomorrow is Thursday May 3, 2012. The day I thought would never come. Tomorrow I take my last final in my undergraduate career. Tomorrow I attend my last class. Tomorrow starts the beginning, of the rest of my life. So what better way to start off the day? Tomorrow I sub my first sub job at Barbers Hill- the district I graduated high school from, a district I would LOVE to work for. I got my foot in the door! Excited? Just a little bit 😉

I can’t believe I’m finally here. Graduating college. I imagined the end to be a little different, but it is what it is. I’m thrilled to be where I am in life and excited for my future.

I just realized something… I always said I wanted to wait until I graduated college to get engaged/married… now what can my excuse be to wait? Masters degree? ha!!

I’m ready to start my first teaching job. I’m waiting to hear back from Region 4 to see my application was accepted or not to continue with my certification. Come on people! Let’s get this started already!

I’m picking up my cap and gown tomorrow! Eeek!!! May 19th cant get here soon enough! I’m ready to walk that stage! And celebrate with my family and friends at my graduation par-tay!