Hey readers! So sorry I’ve been slacking on this blog thing. I’ve been busy, tired, and not motivated to write at all!

I’m on week 3 (I believe) of my weight loss journey and while I’ve only lost 4.5 lbs, I feel I’ve lost inches. Especially in my clothes. It’s not hard, I’m just not losing fast. I need to get out and exercise. I know I would lose so much quicker if I would just get out and move!

I graduated college on May 19th from the University of Houston – Clear Lake with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in grades EC-6. (yeah, it’s a mouthful). So exciting! I’ve been subbing at my desired district and recently submitted my application for a full-time teaching position. I’ll keep you guys updated. I also applied at 3 other districts. (cross those fingers!)

Casey got me an iPad for graduation! I was thrilled as all get out! I couldn’t believe it. He is absolutely amazing! I totally didn’t deserve that one! But I’m forever grateful and completely addicted to the darn thing. Things have been great with us. He is different than any guy I have ever dated. He truly cares about me and my feelings. I know he wants nothing more than for me to be happy in whatever I do in life. He is encouraging, loving, and gives me the reassurance that I need, when I need it. Love him!

I will admit, I was a little apprehensive when Casey and I first started talking just because I didn’t know how long it would take to move on from my past relationship or if I could ever love someone the way I loved Andrew, but in reality I didn’t love Andrew as much as I thought I did. Yes, I loved him and yes he will always have a place in my heart as we spent our lives for so long together but as I sit back and reflect back on things from the outside, I realize it wasn’t ever going to have a happy ending if I continued to be with him. I know now that I CAN love again and in fact, I am completely capable of falling head of heels for someone, more so than I did with Andrew. It’s a weight lifted off my shoulders, I remember crying and telling my mom “I’m going to be alone forever, I will never feel the way I did ever again” and she promised me I would and it was so hard to believe. But I will, I will be happy and have my happy ending and it is possible to love again.

I’m loving my life and the people in it.



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