BiRtHdAy GiRl!

That’s right friends, readers, and everyone else in between, another year has come and gone! I’m the big 26 today. OK, yeah nothing special. Last year was the good ole 25, the next milestone is the horrific 30. This past year was pretty eventful for me! And as always on my birthday blogs, let’s recap shall we!

April 14, 2011- I turned 25!

May 2011- I moved into an apartment with Andrew

June 2011- I painted the crap out of the apartment.

July 2011- I adopted a Doberman with the ex named Zoie. I passed my PPR exam! I freaked out when I found out I had 5th grade for internship!

August 2011- I started my internship at Lomax Elementary with the oh-so-amazing 5th graders and even more awesome mentor teacher!

September 2011- I had a crazy semester and thought I was going to die from stress.

October 2011- I survived another month, and enjoyed internship even more!

November 2011- I took my content exam and failed it by 2 points…

December 2011- Andrew and I broke up, I moved out, I moved home with the parents.

January 2012-  He screwed me over, I realized it was time to move on, find myself again, and do things that I enjoy. I passed my content exam! WOO! Best of all, I started my last semester of college!

February 2012- I went on a awesome first date with a cute boy named Casey. I decided to go ahead and graduate in May without certification!

March 2012- I’ve enjoyed spending time with the boyfriend (Casey) when I can and just enjoying a calm semester for once. I ate a lot of crawfish this month!

April 14, 2012- I TURNED 26 TODAY! Drinks and fun tonight with friends!



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