Less than a mile?! Really?!

Well friends, I did it. I got over my emotional attachment to the oh-so-comfy couch and blankets with a soda and popcorn in hand and decided it was time to do something about my motivation. I had class this morning and all I could think about was going for a jog!

So, I got home at 1:00pm ran inside, changed into my black yoga pants and my aggie shirt (I feel it gives me some team support! haha) and my tennis shoes. Found my iPod, made a workout playlist, grabbed the dog, set up my running tracker on my phone, and hit the concrete! Literally, I hit the concrete, I tripped over Daisi’s stupid leash and did a semi-fall. For those of you not in my area, I’m in Houston, Texas. It’s 80 degrees outside full sunshine and because it’s Texas, it’s a little humid but not too bad. A little windy too.

I start out walking so the dog can pee and not slow me down. Then I started jogging.. ok ok more like a slow trot. The dog was going faster than me, so I figured I needed to speed it up a little haha! Well, the cloud left that was giving me some nice shade, and then I felt like I was standing on black asphalt in the middle of the desert. GAH! It was HOT! Sweating like a pig lady. I kept telling myself- “Make it to the stop sign, make it to that stick, JUST MAKE IT TO SOMETHING!”

I ended up jogging half the trip and walking half. I figure that’s better than nothing. I felt like I had been out there for 30 minutes and gone at least a mile. Yeah well, that’s when I looked at my running tracker on my phone. I went ONLY .84 miles and it took me 14 minutes and 20 seconds. I was out there 15 minutes and ONLY went .84 miles!!! You have got to be kidding me.

I came in, turned the fan on full blast and fell flat on the floor.. so did the dog.

I have a long way to go… šŸ˜¦ phooey. But, I’ve got to start somewhere!

p.s. I’m still on the floor……………


5 thoughts on “Less than a mile?! Really?!

  1. 15 min!!! You did it!!! Hooray! That’s all you shoulda done today anyway. Now keep it up and eventually you will actually want to do more. Proud of you! Love you!

  2. HA! I would be laying on the floor too! I am starting my running (more like jogging or what I like to call walking with a little hop) regime this week and geez- its hard!
    So way to go Lauren!!! šŸ™‚ Each time it gets a tad better/easier.


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