Why we are the way we are

Hey guys and I mean literally, guys, not “girls and guys and for some reason we tend to call both guys when we are saying hey”

Guys wonder why us females are the way we are… here are some explanations that I have come up with šŸ™‚

— girls are difficult, complicated, unsure, paranoid, jealous, vulnerable, and sensitive err- scratch that.. EXTRA sensitive.

Here are some reasons-

we areĀ difficultĀ because we feel we are worth fighting for,
we areĀ complicatedĀ because well, that’s how make-up sex was invented (sorry mom and dad),
we areĀ unsureĀ because guysĀ have horrible communication skills,
we areĀ paranoidĀ because we have all been cheated on once or broken up with for no reason or because the guy just “gives up”,
we areĀ jealousĀ because we think you are too good for us and we fear other females catching your pretty eyes,
we areĀ vulnerableĀ because we want to let you in our lives to love unconditionally, and
we areĀ sensitive, well because we are females and we wear our feelings on our shoulders at all times, no matter what you say.

“Anything worth having is worth fighting for” Ā  Ā -Thomas Jefferson

Please add any in the comment section my ladies you think are necessary to explain! šŸ™‚ I’m interested to see what is posted!



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