What Doesn’t Kill You…

I’m a tad addicted to Kelly Clarkson’s new(est) album “Stronger”. As I sit here and listen to her songs it touches a part of me. Not just with relationships but with life in general. One song in particular “Stronger”.

I’m a firm believer that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. This goes with anything in life. I know that as long as I stand strong, believe in myself, and trust in my faith, that I can do anything and overcome all obstacles that are thrown at me.

I hope that one day I can look back on my life and truly understand why life took the turns that it took. From relationships with friends, boyfriends, parents, siblings, etc to my career path, and much more. I know that everything I have ever gone through has made me stronger and made me into the person I am today. Thanks to my past, I have learned what its like to feel every emotion possible (in my eyes). Every day is a new beginning. If I think I have done wrong, I know I can change things or how I handle situations when a new day comes.

I’ve made many mistakes in my journey through life but they become worth it. If you don’t want to make mistakes, you’re in the wrong species– be a dog (yes, I stole that from P.S. I Love You).. We learn from mistakes. Just make sure when you want to forgive someone who makes a mistake- make sure they are truly worth that 2nd chance, because usually when that happens- there comes a 3rd chance, a 4th.. and so on.

The point of all this (even though I feel like I’m just blabbering and none of this makes sense), I feel strong. I’ve had a rough week or so with having a racing mind but after going out with the girls, having some alone time, realizing I have a man that adores me (or at least I think he does 😉 ) and just sorting through all my thoughts I finally feel strong. I feel confident about my degree choice, my self, my choices, everything.

Food for thought:

 “I’ve learned you cant let others’ judgment of you define you. You must define yourself. ”

“Another person doesn’t make you, you determine who you are and how you feel about a situation.”



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