Day 1

Well, last night I was exhausted and so I watched my mom do the 30 day shred and laughed the whole time because she was complaining so much. Well, this morning, I got out of bed, ate breakfast, and put my new, pretty tennis shoes on! I turned on the video, selected Level 1 and wanted to quit after the WARM UP! Are you kidding me?! So I laughed at myself for a little bit and pulled through.

Push ups, crunches, jumping jacks, SQUATS! Up, down, up down, running in place, breathing very heavily, red face, sweat!

Well- remember in my previous post how I said I may end up laying on the floor, crying? Ya.. um.. that pretty much happened. I didn’t cry but I wanted to! I quit the video after 10-13 minutes of doing it. I’m so doomed! My arms feel like jello, and my legs feel like they just want to drag when I walk..

Better luck tomorrow? ugghhhhh


p.s. I totally ate a piece of pizza while laying on the couch afterwards… DAMNIT!



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