This is who I am, take it or leave it.

Throughout my life, through relationships and even friendships, I have felt that in some cases I have tried to be someone other people want me to be because that’s what made me happy. I am a people pleaser. But it’s time to be honest with myself and others.

This is who I am, you can choose to take it or leave it–

I am a daughter, a sister, and an aunt.

My nephew is my world, and I wish I saw him more.

I haven’t always had the best relationship with my dad, but I think it’s getting better.

I am 18 years older than my sister, and I hope one day she will come to me with her troubles in life and I can guide her to a happy life

I am strong and independent.

Some people say “I am the strongest person they know”- they don’t see me on my weak days..

I am loving, caring, and sensitive.

I wear my feelings on my shoulders some days and some days nothing phases me.

I am smart, educated, and know what I want to do in my life and it’s something I take pride in.

I am a social butterfly but I can have my moments of pure shyness.

I hate it when I feel someone is ignoring me, upset with me, or doesn’t like me for no reason.

I can be jealous, although usually I fight through it- but what person with a heart doesn’t get jealous at some point in life?

If you break my trust once- you’ve lost it for good. I rarely give 2nd chances, I did that too many times and look where it has gotten me. But it really depends on the situation. If you’re smart, you wont test me.

I put my all into things I love and care about.

I am a dreamer and I have hope for everything and everyone even though it can cause heartache.

I have a realist side of me but often times the dreamer side over-powers it.

I am an animal lover.

I want kids, at least 2 but probably no more than 4.

I thought I knew and had exactly what I wanted to have my in life for my future and I was wrong.

I am a mature 25 (almost 26) year old, but I act completely silly at times because it makes me laugh and laughter is life’s best medicine.

I surprise people, and I love to be surprised.

You can tell I am happy if I hum, when I cook or clean or do anything that doesn’t involve talking.. my mom calls me her “little hummer”. If that annoys you- leave the room.

I stopped humming for about a week- I caught myself humming several days ago- maybe you think it’s weird.. I think it’s a sign that I am going to be OK in my new, changed life.

I am NOT willing to settle for anything less than what I deserve.

Spending the day at the zoo or on a picnic is better than going to a fancy restaurant.

I think flowers are over rated- bring me something unique to brighten my day.

I can be hard to read, but if you just ask me what you’re wondering- I will tell you with pure honesty.

You can tell me anything and I wont run away, I will stick around for what you need because that’s what people have done for me. I owe that to my friends and family.

There is nothing I enjoy more than cooking, but lately I’ve lost the passion and I want to get it back.

If I am crying, don’t tell me everything is going to be OK and think that will solve everything- hold me, love me, care for me- be there for me.

I could be a better friend to some people.

I have a huge phobia of roaches and so many people think its funny and try to do pranks on me- I don’t find it funny, and I never will. You will ruin my day.

I am a procrastinator yet I hate having to wait on things or people.

I want to take a trip to Italy and visit where my great grandparents lived.

I am ready for new experiences. New firsts, new feelings, new thoughts, new everything…

It’s the simple things that mean the most to me- don’t try to impress me.

If you choose to take me as I am then let the future start today and if you chose to leave it, I am OK with that too.

Thanks for reading friends!



5 thoughts on “This is who I am, take it or leave it.

  1. Hey my little hummer it is great to hear your hum again. I loved reading your post all of them.You are a wonderful, honest daughter I am very proud of you. It is funny when I read “people say I am the strongest person they know” I hear the same but to be honest and I am sure you will agree, sometimes it is so hard to be the strongest, to always be the strong one. I get it! But you are tuff one that is for sure! I love you and keep going, pushing yourself and loving life., Momma


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