The Unexpected

Sometimes things in life can be pretty unpredictable, unless of course you’re one of those people that likes to know exactly what’s going on, when, where, why, and how. Well, I’m one of those people. I hate the unknown and usually try to know as much information as possible or available to me depending on the situation. When there is information I need or want to know and its not available to me I go crazy and usually have a minor panic attack.

All summer I have waited for my internship placement. The school, the grade level, my mentor. I waited and waited. August 10th or so I found out I will be at Lomax Elementary. I was getting excited!! My next bit of information I wanted, was to be told that I was going to be teaching 1st grade because I just knew I would get what I wanted! Well, today I got the news…drum roll please!!!! The answer is….

5th grade

DO WHAT?! I seriously thought to myself and honestly think I said out loud. That’s right people, I got 5th grade. Excited, you may ask? Well not so much at first, in fact scared to the bone was my first thought. I’m so scared! I have never worked with students above 3rd grade.

I know this is going to be a great learning experience and I’m sure I’m going to love every minute of it. But this is a major adjustment for me. I’m used to singing songs and doing embarrassing things to keep the attention of my little 1st graders. I can’t do my silly little stuff with 5th graders! They will think I’m crazy! Even if I swear to them that I’m not and I’m just trying to have a little fun.

I can see it now..

Student A: “Did you see Ms. Zantop in class? O M G she is nuts!
Student B: “Yeah I know she is, I cant believe they let her teach us, she is soo embarrassing!

Well the moral to my story, even for people like me, life can have unexpected things happen. I don’t know how I will make it through the next year. I hope I don’t get eaten alive by these kiddos. I hope my mentor is amazing, helpful, and understanding. I hope for the best. That is all I can do.

Things will be OK… right?

Goodnight readers! Post comments and please come back soon! ♥♥


One thought on “The Unexpected

  1. 5th grade! It will be great! My roommate from college teaches middle school math and science and LOVES it! Can’t wait to hear about your semester!


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