Daisi Mae

In 2001, the day after Thanksgiving, I decided I was ready to get a new dog after losing my best friend “Princess” on my first day of freshman year. So I told my mom I wanted to go adopted a dog. When we got to PetSmart we came across a  white, fluffy, dog named “Snow Ball”. I fell in love. She was perfect! She was mine.  While walking around PetSmart we came across a collar with Daisey’s on it, and so the new name was Daisi because imagine me yelling out Snow Ball to get her to come. EMBARRASSING, for me and the dog.

I remember bringing her home from Beaumont all curled up in my lap. She was crying the whole way home and I remember asking my mom “Do you think she doesn’t like us, maybe she wants to go back to her friends”.

We got home, and soon brought her to our new house. She was so cute, and so perfect. The years went on and soon I was graduating high school. During my sophomore-senior year I wasn’t a great mommy to Daisi. I neglected her and had too much to do than hang out with a dog. She was in a fence on the side of our house and it was kind of “out of sight, out of mind”. Boy do I regret that now. I tear up just thinking about how lonely she must have been. How during every thunderstorm, how scared she was. How she felt everyday knowing I didn’t give her the time of day.

It was time for me to go off to college and I decided I had to take her with me. We experienced it together. I packed her in the car and off we were! She HATED the car. Every time she got in the car, 30 minutes later and she would poop! Gross!

She was my companion during those college days. Along with Harry, the one-eyed cat. Her and Harry had that most amazing friendship. You could tell they truly loved each other. The day Harry died, I let them say goodbye to each other and they just starred at each other, then Daisi licked him and we said goodbye. I always wonder what they said to each other during that moment of silence.

Best buds

Now, Daisi is 11 years old. She lives with me and Andrew, and has two new best friends, Zoie and Neko. We go to the park everyday and they run until they cant run anymore. She doesn’t act 11 and that is what scares me. I feel like one day, she is going to start going down hill and I won’t be prepared for it. She is still so spunky and fun.

My heart hurts to know how I treated her back in high school. I wonder if she has forgiven me or if she feels scared it will happen again.

I know she is just a “dog”, but she is my dog. She is my best friend and I love her with all my heart.

Stay strong baby girl and I hope you live a happy rest of your life.


2 thoughts on “Daisi Mae

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself Lauren, she had an open wide big dog run and remember you would talk to her from your bedroom window. I remember! She could see all around with the neighbors cyclone fence. Remember how we would laugh because she had a huge dog house and she never would go in it. We tried all kinds of dog houses, but NO she would rather sit in the rain. And as Jabo would say “she was watered and fed” “watered?” that always made me laugh. How do you “water” a dog. Ha haaa! AND she spent most of her life inside. But I know what you mean about when it thundered and we didn’t realize how afraid she was until she lived inside. It made me sad too. Daisi Mae has had a great life. Just a little time as a puppy outside. I really don’t think she holds a grudge. She has lived a great life, all the walks most times 2 miles a day and twice a day. So don’t look at the past it is gone, look how happy she is now and the great shape she is in. So a little outside time, which might I remind you she loved it outside more than she did inside I believe. Every chance she got she would bolt out the door
    and run no matter how many times she went for a walk. It’s okay. Daisi loves you. You are a great best friend! She has gotten lots of love and care and is spoiled ROTTEN! Which is a good thing! Love, Momma.

  2. I will never forget this Daisi was living with me a little longer than 5 years post cancer diagnosis on my second round of cancer pills to prevent recurrence I had a bad reaction from the medicine just after a few weeks and had to stop taking them. They made me so sick, seemed worse than chemo, I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. After a few weeks of complete rest I decided to try and walk to get my strength back. Daisi and I would walk one house and then two houses down the street and back home. That was all I could do. Bless her heart she would literally pull me to help me walk it was like she knew I needed her help. After a few weeks walking the same couple of houses down from our house I stopped and she turned and looked at me. I asked her “Daisi do you think we can make it a little further today?” She turned and started walking slowing pulling me along. Before long together we were walking for 10 minutes. Then we built more as time went by. We did it together. I truly believe in my heart I could not have done it without her. My point, things happen for a reason, and without Daisi I don’t know what I would have done. She motivated me, she helped me walk, she pulled me along. She became my best friend!


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