Quarter of a Century

Growing up, birthdays are so exciting! I mean, not only did I have a birthday but I considered the entire month my birthday. And just in case you forgot it was my birthday, I made sure to remind you. Every. Single. Day.

April 14th is the big day. Don’t you remember? That’s the day the Titanic sank.. or SO I THOUGHT! All my life I thought titanic sank on April 14, 1912. Boy was I wrong! It BEGAN sinking on April 14th. It actually sank at 2am (or close to it) on April 15, 1912. Close enough.. right? WRONG! Oh my goodness, for all you people I have told throughout the years that Titanic sank on my birthday in 1912, I’m sorry. And for all the people they told, I’m even more sorry. It is possible that half the world thinks this because of my mistake. Oh goodness! (just kidding!)And to those people who knew I wasn’t right, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to think the wrong thing and continue to tell people the wrong information for 25 YEARS! ugh.

Random fact: I was born on a Monday (just found that out!). Kind of cool I think.

Well now I’m turning 25 on April 14th, this is a Thursday. Am I excited? Yes and no. I feel like I’ve gone 25 years and accomplished what? When I was younger I always said, “I want to be married by 25, and have kids by 27”. Yeah, that’s not happening. *humph*

Oh well, what’s a girl to do?


One thought on “Quarter of a Century

  1. GIRL! I have been in your shoes! I will be 29 this year… SO much I wanted to accomplish by this age that I haven't. Just remember it will all happen the way it is supposed to. Love you and I am always here for ya! 🙂


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