Day 3 and counting

Well it’s day 3 after my wisdom teeth removal. I figured I’d be in a lot more pain than I really am. The only spot that hurts is where the infection was on my bottom left wisdom tooth before the removal. Other than that, I’m great. I have no swelling so far and that is AWESOME. I was so scared I’d be called Alvin the Chipmunk for a few days.. but Na Na Na Na boo boo you cant make fun of me! 🙂

It seems (and maybe it’s the medicine that is causing me to be so emotional about it) but people are being grumpy towards me and what the heck have I done? Andrew is a bit testy today, I think he’s bored and taking it out on the sick one. humph.

I start classes on Tuesday and a little worried about not being able to take my pain medicine other than ibuprofen. Hopefully the infection will be mostly healed by then and the pain will subside. *fingers crossed*

I’m sick of eating squishy food. Fo Sho! I’m ready to eat normal food again. This is such a bummer! Some say it will take 2 weeks before I can chow down on what ever I please. I go back to the oral surgeon for a check up on Thursday and I guess he will give me further instructions. I hope.

I got a baby toothbrush today so that I could at least attempt to brush my front teeth… I hate not being able to brush my teeth! It’s disgusting. The oral rinse they prescribed me is suppose to help but it’s just not the same.

I want my normal life back 😦

More updates later!!



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