Squishy Food and Ice Packs

Ahh the life…

Well, it’s done.. I parted with my 4 friends. THANK GOD! I’m so glad its over with.. now i’m just trying to heal the best I can. So, here’s my experience…

10:30 consultation
11:00 surgery
yea? whats the point in having appointments if they don’t follow them! Geez! I sat and sat and the anticipation was killing me. Although by time noon came i wasn’t as nervous. They called me back there to watch a movie about what they would do and care instructions and at the same time i had to sign my life away on a thousand questions. How do you expect me to watch a video and answer questions at the same time? Oy! Next thing I know, I walk past this huge tray of tools.. they were covered with a towel so I couldn’t see them but the handles I saw even freaked me out! I swear there was a chainsaw under there somewhere.

They sat me down, hooked me up to a heart monitor and it sounded like a slot machine going off it was beating so fast. WINNER WINNER WINNER! ya right.

I then asked Dr. Chritah if he was as excited as I was (with a very sarcastic smile). And he goes “yeah i guess haha” the he put the IV in me and immediately the room started spinning. That was fast I said! He then asked me “Now how many teeth are we pulling today?” and I said “4, don’t get too excited I like my other teeth” we laughed and next thing I knew, I was in recovery. FREAKING AWESOME!

Turns out the infection that the previous dentist wasn’t worried about was pretty bad. I was given stronger antibiotics and so far, that’s the only place that hurts. The other three enormous holes in my mouth aren’t bothering me at all. So far… YAY!! I’ve lived on mashed potatoes, chocolate pudding, and applesauce since yesterday. OH AND THE BEST RE-FRIED BEANS IN THE WORLD from a taqueria down the road. I didn’t know beans could taste so good. yummy!

Andrew is now at the store getting me bananas, more vanilla ice cream (he is making me a smoothie later), and some ensure or boost so that I can get some protein and heal faster! I feel like an old lady with no teeth at all… not even dentures. What a life. And I’m laying in bed with my last round of ice packs on my face. No swelling so far… lets hope it stays that way.

Here is a lovely picture I took last night… I look so pitiful! But I’m not! I’m super-duper!

Ill update you later with more fun details and squishy food!


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