Teeth, that is. Who’s great idea was it to make humans have wisdom teeth? I mean, these bad boys stay hidden for years and make their grand entrance when you get into your 20s. Mine decided to join the party when I turned 19-20ish and didn’t give me to much problems. So I figured they could stay a while. My dentist(at the time) said “they are all coming in perfect, no need for removal” WOO HOO! I thought… ya well.. I thought wrong. SO wrong. My bottom left puppy likes to steal the show every 6 months or so and makes sure me and the rest of my teeth know he exists. I say “he” because he’s annoying and well, you get the idea. Well now, he is out for attention again. I’ve been dealing with this pain for over a week now and finally went to the dentist *shiver*. The new dentist told me that the wisdom tooth above it is the one causing the problem. (they are fighting for attention I guess) The top one wont stop growing down and the bottom one hasn’t reached its full potential in my mouth yet. So the dentist says “the top one needs to come out now” I said.. ok.. thinking he means in the near future. Next thing I know he is trying to numb my mouth. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I thought. I said “OH, i’m not getting anything pulled today! SORRY!” at this point the dentist wasn’t too happy. He got his undies in a wad and proceeded to tell me that he has been doing this a long time and he just gave me some very useful information and that I should take his advice. At that point, I hopped right out of that chair and practically ran out of the office after throwing my $5 to pay for the visit. WHEW that was a close one!

So I thought about it after leaving and realized I must part with my new 4 friends, but there was no way I was going down that easy. I made an appointment with an oral surgeon that will give me IV sedation (I have separation anxiety… OK fine, I’m just a big fat baby that can barely hold it together to get my pearly whites cleaned).

So, Thursday is dooms day. 10:30am -consultation, 11:00am -surgery time. Wish me luck? (We had a going away party today, I ate a brownie.. I hope my friends liked it).


One thought on “WISDOM

  1. I know it's no fun! Just wait, though…the indignities and pain are just beginning. Hopefully you'll still be blogging during your other stages in life such as wedding planning, pregnancies, and even, dare I say…menopause..etc. Enjoy the ride and good luck with your teeth!


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