Out with the old , In with the new

2010 was an adventurous ride. School was crazy time consuming and pulled through with amazing grades. I’m pretty damn proud if I do say so myself. My relationship with Andrew gets better by the day, I’m learning what works and doesn’t work (after 4 years, yes). We are looking into the future and hope to have our own place [again] soon. *Cross those fingers people!!!* My step mother is still a bitch, she will always be a bitch. My sister is growing like a weed (7 yrs old) going on 16!
Through this year, I was accepted into TEP [Teacher Education Program] at UHCL which gives me the GO! for my methods classes and student teaching. I have 3 more semesters and then I’m done! Man, how good does that feel?? [pretty damn good]

So to start off the new year, I’m trying really hard to change how I view things and not take things personally. There have been many obstacles coming in my way dealing with things that in my mind are absolutely ridiculous. It’s a new year and that just means new things to stress me out. But, I will just have to do things to get away and try my hardest to “not give a shit” since that is what seems that everyone else is doing. That’s fine. I can [try] do that.

I’m going to really try and work out every [other] day. 🙂 It’s a great stress reliever and I really want to be little. I want to feel cute and not fat. I want a flat tummy.. [doubt it will ever happen, but I want it] All I can do is try my hardest not to fail. Maybe I’ll use a weight tracker, or even I could blog about it everyday. Wow, that would be boring wouldn’t it? I’d probably lose readers! [Assuming I have readers!]

So, cooking is my passion. I love to do it. Do I like to cook for a bunch of people? Not so much. But I love cooking for a few. I wonder sometimes, should I have gone to culinary school instead of majoring in Education. I love my classes and I really enjoyed last semester teaching the first grade classroom but I question it sometimes. I wonder if I will be any good, if I will know what I’m doing. Who knows. Only time will tell I guess. Maybe later in life I will join a cooking school where ever I live.

I hope everyone has a great year 2011.


One thought on “Out with the old , In with the new

  1. Lauren… I too questioned my career goals but you love teaching so much already that is an excellent sign cause there are so many teachers that hate it already… that's not what makes a good teacher…but your desire to continue learning whether its in what you teach or in cooking will make you a fabulous teacher…hang in there you'll be great! And ps….if I can write about my weight.struggle& still have readers you certainly can….I for one like knowing I am not alone in the battle! 🙂 Love ya – Becca


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