Candy Should Never Stress You Out…. ya? Says who?

People have many things that stress them out. Money or lack there of, friends who are overbearing or needy, family that “doesn’t understand anything”, being late to work or not having work to be late for, the future, love, marriage, kids, and so much more… Right now my biggest thing stressing me out?? The making of CANDY! How can something so “simple” stress me out?? It’s stressful! Imagine- watching sugar eat up to 300 degrees, watching it, stirring it, making sure it doesn’t burn, making sure you stir and stir and stir between 280 degrees and 300 degrees… try it, you’ll see what I mean. I feel like I’m going to have an anxiety attack every time I do this! And guess what?? I’m not done! I’ve made 7 batches of Almond Rocca in the past week and only burnt 1 batch (it was baaad)… now on to the challenge of Pralines. Wish me luck?

It may be stressful but I do it, and I do it for the ones I care about (whether they care about me or not!) It’s something special that I can give and the receiver knows the time and effort it takes to take on such a task. So just think while you’re eating that candy I made for you… I almost had a heart attack 7 times. Enjoy!



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